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What kind of proposal will impress you

Life events is the wedding night, nothing but gold placard title, visible is the principal thing in this life, marriage proposal is a very important step before marriage, marriage can let each other know your mind, can also use the most romantic way to show love, to marry him, of course, also need a great deal of courage, every couple wants to have a different proposal of marriage ceremony.

Romantic design

Nowadays women all hope that their marriage proposal can be more romantic and leave unforgettable memories for their whole life. This kind of proposal requires that boys spend more time and energy designing. Make romantic way very much, of course, for example, special arrangement to travel with a girl, and then take out ring to marry him on the beach, with the girl when eating ice cream at the girl, quietly put on the ring, when the girl found, proposed to it. This kind of proposal is very romantic, it may increase the chances of success.

Single blade direct entry

This is the most traditional way of to marry him, the boy’s hand holding a rose represents love, hand ring, kneeling in front of a lot of people, took out a ring, directly asked loudly: please marry me. This kind of one-size-fits-all proposal is still the most classic. The suitor simply asks the woman around him if he agrees to spend the rest of his life with him. Of course, this traditional way does not always succeed in proposing to a girl.


This kind of method, to the girl student, must have certain psychology to bear ability just. Because of this surprise, playing with the heart beat and excitement. A guy may choose a special day that has a special significance, such as your birthday, so as not to appear with all kinds of excuses, not to answer the phone, let the girl’s mood fall to the bottom. When the girl is in the most desperate and depressed, the boy miraculously drops from the sky, takes out the ring flower, gives the girl a big surprise. Can you accept this kind of proposal?

Public proposal

This kind of proposal, of course, is to be completed with the help of many people. In the witness of your friends and family, to complete their own life events. Perhaps, the girl is hesitating when, everybody still can help! However, if a girl really doesn’t want to marry, a guy may feel humiliated at this point. Of course, small make up here advise each male student, want to propose a marriage proposal successfully, must be prepared for everything beforehand.

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