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The origin of the white wedding

Although weddings around the world have been celebrated since ancient times, brides wear wedding dresses at weddings for less than two hundred years. The ritual of the bride wearing a white tulle with a trailing skirt originated from Catholicism. Since ancient times, some European countries have been ruled by theocracy, and people have to go to church to get married to receive the prayers and blessings of the priest or pastor. This ritual is considered an official legally protected marriage, so the celebration is the same. The bride wears a white dress to prove his sincerity and innocence before God. In the 19th century in the West, when the girls were married, there was no particular requirement for the color of the dress. Until 1820, white gradually became the color used widely in wedding dresses. This is because British Queen Victoria wears an elegant white wedding dress. Since then, white wedding dresses have become formal wedding dresses. Nowadays, some people do not understand the origin of the wedding, so there is also some creative clever design. The bride’s wedding dress is made of pink or light blue and is very beautiful. However, according to Western customs, only remarried women can use, for example, pink or sky blue when married to show the difference from their first marriage.

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