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The first one is when you’re on the phone, and the scrambler works exactly the same way as the phone, so you get as much volatility as you get on the phone. For health, although we don’t yet know the long-term effects of mobile phones, we must realize that mobile jammers are the same. Remember, an hour’s jammer is equivalent to an hour near a phone call.

This (cell phone jammer) more powerful, to manage the building, unless you are a boss, want to install it in the conference room, I don’t think you’ll need it, but I want to show you another model, check of various price and price range. Especially if you scroll down the page of the site, you’ll see a lot of other models.

The use of mobile jammers is entirely up to the government. If you think this is a very useful device, you can buy it on the Internet. In bad terms, the human brain’s radio waves can cause minor damage and can even cause serious headaches. But in today’s radio technology development, ubiquitous life, mobile phones, mobile phones and so on! If you need it, you can safely use it, and the human damage is very low. It’s basically the same as the phone, so don’t worry about it.