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Habit is the highest state of love

Love is a process that everyone goes through in life. The difference is that some people give more and some people are loved more. Some love can last forever, some love can only have once. In all kinds of love, which is the highest state of love? Let’s start with a couple’s conversation.

One day, the woman asked the man, “you say, what is the highest state of love?” The man thought about it and said, “life and death. Do you think that one person can die for another and give up the most important one in life?

The woman nodded and shook her head again. She think so at first, because when a lot of love is the most heroic is always linked with the birth and death, the eternal love of all and, in short tended to tragedy.

But the soul-stirring love never came. More secular love has only ordinary love and hate, sadness and happiness.

“What did you say? The man asked

When you get used to a person’s habits in life, you really love them.

Love is a person’s recognition of another person’s habits. The highest level of love is to recognize his habits. A woman is used to a man’s snoring and never gets used to it. A man is used to a woman’s willfulness, coquetry, even unreasonable to make trouble, nothing wrong, this is love; One person will change and accommodate for another. This is love. The philosophy of love is sometimes so simple, in the life of a bit.

If you can’t adapt yourself to a person, to all his habits, it just means that you don’t love him, or that you haven’t come to love him yet, because love is in these details. When you have used your lover all habits, such as his clothes tobacco, such as his clean shirt, he up in the middle of the night watching football, for example, if you have habit, so don’t ask what love is such a stupid topic.

Love, sometimes so simple, simple, like a cup of water around us, reach out, drink, although tasteless, is a necessity in life. Annie baby said: “not love him, but love his day.” Habit is the ultimate possession of love, perhaps, the highest realm of love.

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